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If you can manage to prop up a fake life size Jason or Freddy Krueger, you are on your way to awesomeness (if that is a word). Don’t wait for the final hour if you can do it now while it’s early. His stay was brief, but what he accomplished while there was history. Want to stay simple this year? However, you might want to also add some less popular horror movies from the ’80s you haven’t seen in a while, like The Gate, Ghoulies, and House: Ding Dong, You’re Dead. However, when costumes are made there is little doubt to which ones are male or female. However, there are dozens of different “sexy” Mrs. Claus outfits. Perhaps the tops are so revealing because Santa is a fan of milk. Have an 80’s fan friend? You really have a mastery of the art! Thanks for the comment and hope you have a great Halloween, too!

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It will surely be a great time. When you are picking out your movies for the night, you will probably want to pick some time honored classics like the movies listed above. Their pants go all the way down to their curly toed elf shoes, their long sleeve shirts are buttoned all the way up to their necks and rest is covered with a jester’s collar. Wear a striped shirt and striped pants (if possible) or black bottoms, like jeans or trousers. Their skirts go about as low down as a male elf’s shirt. Male elves are obviously ready and excited to build toys through the long cold winter. Don’t worry, pirates are actually really easy to buy for! You don’t have to buy gifts and you can dress up in ridiculous costumes. Let’s keep in mind, food was not that terribly different in the 1980s, so you can probably still go with the standard Halloween food.

Men get full body fake fur suits, with plenty of room to grow after gorging on holiday food. The costumes designed for men make them look like a huge stuffed Snowman. Having no intentions of arriving with a men Halloween costume that is the usual creepy or scarily disgusting outfit. Another classic: George at Asda’s skeleton fancy dress costume makes an easy Halloween go-to. Tinkerbell is a super cute costume for Halloween. Lastly, if you’re not as lean as you’d like to be, you can always choose a costume such as an Expendable or Superman/Batman with a full body suit. For your next Halloween party or costume party, you can dress like a commercial spokesperson. You could be part of a Wizard Of Oz group costume as well with this, the easy scarecrow will not disappoint. Circus fever has well and truly hit for 2019, on the back of the recent IT movie and The Greatest Showman.

Snowmen have been a part of Christmas well before Frosty the Snowman ever came on the scene. Also, one could argue that characters like Michael Myers should be acceptable since Halloween 2 came out in the ’80s. Since this is a 1980s Horror Movie Halloween Party, encourage your guests to dress up like some of the characters out of the movies. The ears and antlers are worn like a cap. Halloween music videos are fun for everyone at the Halloween party. Naturally, you can’t have a 1980s Horror Movie Halloween Party without some scary movies from the ’80s. The ’80s had some of the best horror movies, and therefore, this will be one of the best parties ever! 1980s parties were extremely popular about 10 years ago, but started to die out once the novelty appeal wore off. Instead of just having the standard neon colors, acid washed jeans, and leg warmers, why not approach a darker side of the 1980s?

So why not have a night devoted to 1980s horror flicks? The ‘Sin City’ is commonly famous for its night life. You will feel the business life among the skyscrapers, traffic jams and noise. 20 or less, you and your significant other can be the life of any party with a do-it-yourself couples costume that’s easy and cheap to put together. You can be as creative as you feel like if you use your imagination and some accessories like Halloween make-up and fake blood packs. You can not only watch all your old VHS tapes (you know you still have them), everyone can dress like their favorite 1980s horror movie character. Honestly, this list can go on and on. If you’re still not quite sure, you can always give our friendly customer service team a call and they’ll be happy to help. As it turns out, people would still like to enjoy the ’80s, but it never hurts to have a different spin on it. All you need to do is paint a piece of cardboard to look like a taxi or Uber, and you are set to go.

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